“This is all there is.
What it is we do not know.
We only know that it is.
All else is story."

A clear view

This message
can never be understood with words.
It is not an intellectual grasping.

It is the end
of all grasping,

of all wanting
to get and understand.

The end of trying to reach something,
some place,
some state.

And it is the end of the feeling
that something
is wrong or missing
or that something
is out of place.

It is arriving home.

A place we lost sight of,
looking for something else.

A clear view reveals
this erroneous assumption.

We are ever only Oneness
looking for ourselves.


A Book

Out of a need to clarify the process of unfolding and integration, the blog ‘Potshots’ started naturally and spontaneously shortly after meeting Leo Hartong in 2009. Insights were coming up and wanted to be written down.

There was also perhaps the wish to point to others still under the illusion of a journey, that there is no need for another step. And to invite them to stop whirling around in a woolly dream, like I had been doing for decades, and really try to understand who we are, what our identity is.

It Is already where we are, what we are, where we are looking from. A personal bound identity is a prop to navigate through life but it is not only what we are. We are Aware Presence, Life appearing as everything which is happening right now, Life at zero distance.

As you read these words, it Is the screen of your computer. It Is the blurred visuals of the room at the edges while these letters are seen and made sense of. It Is the sensation of your feet meeting the floor, the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee, the horn of a car passing by, or the tweet of a bird in a nearby tree. It Is always everything that is appearing right now.

It actually did not come to mind to edit the “Potshots” blog posts into a book until Jerry Katz and other friends encouraged this idea, and Cécilia offered to put it all together.